Friday, February 20, 2009

Nuremberg, USA

Why the Bush Cartel must be tried for crimes against humanity and treason
If we don't fight them now we'll be paying for eternity.
By McCamy Taylor
If the journal that follows looks familiar, you are not experiencing déjà vu . I wrote a journal almost exactly like this one called Nuremberg USA: Impeach Now So It Will Never Happen Again just about one year ago today. Since Congress did not do its job, our newly elected President has the task of preventing future presidents from carrying forward the policies that Dick Nixon, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush have enacted to strip this country’s citizens of their Constitutional liberties under guise of protecting us from (phantom) threats abroad or at home. Call it the War on Drugs or the War on Terrorism or the Cold War or the Vietnam War, the conflict is always the same----an endless exercise in futility against an enemy which is poorly defined on a battlefield that seems to be far away but which is, in fact, located in our own living rooms. The goal is the consolidation of power in the executive branch and the weakening of the legislative and judicial branches so that the corporations which run this country need only buy one individual, a puppet leader, and tell him how he will make us make more money for them.  I am going to make a prediction right now. The same people who cheered at the thought of dragging W. and Cheney from the White House are going to offer a great big Hold on there--- when I suggest that the current administration needs to take the first steps towards limiting the unchecked executive powers which previous administrations have seized for themselves. But that is our guy in the White House, now. It’s our power. We can limit those executive privileges the next time the Republicans win an election. Obama needs all the help he can get. .

That kind of thinking is exactly what the next Republican coup is counting on.

Nuremberg USA, Again

“The trail of Richard Nixon, if it happens, will amount to a de facto trial of the American Dream. The importance of Nixon now is not merely to get rid of him; that’s strictly political consideration…The real question is why we are forced to impeach a president elected by the largest margin in the history of presidential elections…The necessity of actually bringing Nixon to trial, in order to understand our reality in the same way the Nuremberg trials forced Germany to confront itself…” Hunter S. Thompson Fear and Loathing in Washington: The Boys in the Bag 1974 The Great Shark Hunt

Would the history of the American West have been different if the Andersonville Trial had been different? What a silly question. The mind of the United States would have to be different for that to happen. Especially in its early days, this country had a slash and burn mentality. You don’t like the place you are or what you have? Cut it down, pack up your belongings and move west to start over again.
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