Wednesday, March 25, 2009

CNN propagandists

By Nance Greggs
Being as I am addressing the folks over to the CNN, I am going to talk … very … very ... slowly, and avoid the use of multi-syllabic words as much as is humanly possible.

You see, guys, out here in this series of tubes known as the internetz, there are certain rules and procedures one adheres to – the most important being that if someone challenges a position you’re taking, or a statement you’ve made, you will be asked to provide a “link” that will take the reader to something that factually supports your argument, or demonstrates the consistency of your stance.

Got it? Good … now let’s proceed.

Following President Obama’s press conference tonight, I had my intellect yet again assaulted by The Best Political Team on Television, aka the usual hacks who lounge around in front of the camera, occasionally opining on the actual news during those sad and lonely times when a white female teenager hasn’t gone missing on vacation, thereby freeing you from the humdrum duty of discussing something of real importance.

Now, I’m sure you would agree that it would seem totally unfair and unbalanced were you CNN folk to have just taken up this “Keeping Them Honest” meme during the tenure of President Barack Obama (D) – that’s D as in Democrat – and I just know you wouldn’t do that.

The problem I’m having here is that I don’t seem to remember you being all over Bush’s ass during the Worst.Presidency.In.History.

But I just know I must be wrong.

So I’m wondering if your crack research department could provide some links to the following footage of the “Best Political Team on Television discussing the following:

Bush wages two outrageously expensive wars while giving tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans – how can we afford this?

Bush administration plunges nation deeper into debt – how will this affect our future economic picture?

Bush team turns blind eye to lack of regulation of financial institutions – is it remotely possible that something could go very, very wrong here?

Bush continues vacation while NOLA drowns – is this pResident out of touch with reality?

Bush’s approval ratings continue to plummet – are we seeing the first signs of a “one termer” here?

Bush WH operates shrouded in secrecy – doesn’t the citizenry have a right to know what’s going on?

Bush clears brush in Crawford and hosts barbecue for insiders – is this pResident trying to accomplish too much at once?

Bush speaks at presser without knowing what he’s talking about – or was he just trying to “duck” the questions?

Bush talks about “putting food on your family” – is he misreading the teleprompter, or do we have a fuckin’ idiot running the country?

Bush’s approval ratings tank again – is the “honeymoon” over?

Bush says “we don’t torture”, all readily available evidence to the contrary – good thing we, CNN, are investigating and presenting the facts to the American people.

Bush admin deletes WH emails, imprisons enemy combatants without charge or trial, “outs” covert CIA operative, delivers no-bid contracts to companies with ties to admin insiders, fails to question billings of war-profiteering corporations, ignores Geneva Conventions, hands out taxpayer funds to compliant/supportive religious organizations who delivered votes from the “Christian Right”, kow-tows to Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Business with tax breaks and subsidies, and touts “keeping the nation safe” after allowing the worst attack on American soil in history to actually happen, having ignored the intelligence that warned of its imminence – thank God we, the “Best Political Team on Television” are keeping ‘em honest.

Links, please?

Thanks in advance – oh, and once you provide the links to this coverage, which I just know was dogged and relentless (despite the fact that I can’t remember it), I’ll have a few thousand more “link” requests. Hope you don’t mind.

And, hey, while I’ve got your attention, just wanted to add a comment about the Word Cloud – nice touch. Glad to know your graphics department is still fully staffed and funded, and able to come up with the kind of informative “news” the nation is clamouring for.

Too bad you obviously had to let your “journalists” go – which, as I do seem to recall, you actually had once upon a time in the very distant past.

I guess it’s just a sign of these difficult economic times – which, by the way, are all President Obama’s fault.
Nance Rants


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