Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Republican propagandist cows Couric

Katie Couric was on Letterman discussing Rash Limbaugh. She couldn't muster up the nerve to characterize Republican failure for what it is.
The people who adhere to Limbaugh like an ass boil don't watch Katie or Letterman. She risks nothing by calling a bloated Nazi propagandist for what he is. Al Franken wrote a book deriding Rash, and he's about to be seated in the Senate. The big secret is that Limbaugh's audience is generally uneducated knuckle dragging dolts with thought disorders compounded by loose associations.
That Rash keeps them angry at a mythical enemy that's taking their money is why Republicans still get support from people voting against their own best interests. This is why Republicans hate spending money on education. The last thing corporate America wants is educated people without jobs.
It's our job to make Rash, Aryan Annie Coulter and others of their sick twisted treasonous ilk to be the faces and voices of the Republican Party.


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