Friday, June 19, 2009

Health Care reform

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We Have A New National Leader On Single Payer Health Care (If We Will
Get Behind Her)

Please read this whole alert as there is a new video issue ad, a new
"text to" cell phone number, a new action page, a critical and
groundbreaking conceptional analysis you will find NOWHERE else and

First, Marcy Winograd has produced a stunning new issue advocacy
video ad on single payer health care. We want to make this a national
example of what EVERYBODY needs to be doing in their own districts
right now, for us to win the policy change we deserve. In just 30
seconds Marcy takes control of the terms of the health care debate
and redefines them. And you really need to see this video right now.

New Single Payer Advocacy Video:

Please watch the video above. And then do everything you can to help
get it out there, propagate the link, tell your friends about it, or
if you can make a contribution to help get it on the air.

Marcy's underlying point is resoundingly simple. To get Congress to
actually act on good policy, each individual member must feel their
OWN re-election directly threatened if they do not. That is why Marcy
is about to start running issue challenge campaign ads a YEAR before
the primary election in CA-36.

And Marcy has tremendous credibility issuing this challenge to the
Democratic incumbent, Jane Harman, having pulled 38% against her
opponent in 2006. Harman is one of the worst of the worst, having
interceded with the New York Times to stop the publication of a story
on George Bush that would have defeated him back in 2004, having
being briefed on all the torture as it was happening and doing
nothing to stop it, and slavishly serving AIPAC to the detriment of
the national interests of her own constituents.

There is a massive industry sponsored conspiracy afoot, to pass off
some kind of watered down, phony health care reform bill as the
change we believed in. And it all revolves around two MEANINGLESS
marketing buzz words they are spending millions of dollars to implant
in our brains, and you may not have realized how sinister these two
words were until you read this entire alert.

And the two words they are trying to make come out of all our mouths
are "quality, affordable".


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