Thursday, July 23, 2009

Stand with Dr. Dean

The political reality is that too many of our law makers are taking
bribes from the insurance lobby to maintain a system that lines the
pockets of insurance executives who return a portion of their undeserved
booty to Congress as campaign contributions.
Our legislators are caught between the money offered by the insurance
lobby and the voters who want real health care reform. If they just took
the insurance lobby bribes and did what was in the voter's interests
we'd all be better off. The only reason they act on behalf of the
insurance lobby is the expectation of more bribe money. When they say
it's not about the money, it's about the money.
To satisfy their need for money and votes, legislators have to walk a
fine line trying to keep both sides happy. The public option is the
political reality that legislators can pass that satisfies a large
segment of the voters and doesn't threaten the immediate demise of the
health insurance cartel.
Given the option of saving 20% to 30% on health care, most will choose
to save their resources and put that money into circulation buying
something other than a piece of paper that provides health care as long
as you don't have a real or fabricated preexisting condition.
The public option is the first step in the evolution of health care from
a for profit system to one that covers everyone with more expensive
options to be covered by supplemental policies that address things such
as elective surgery.


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