Sunday, August 09, 2009

Brownshirts in America

They're here and they're dangerous.
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Man in audience yells against health care.
Dan Thompson yells during a town hall meeting with Rep. John D. Dingell in Romulus, Michigan on Thursday. (Photo: AP / The Detroit Free Press)

    Washington - As they head home to their congressional districts for the August recess, lawmakers who support health care reform are bracing for protests and demonstrations that threaten to turn violent.

    In North Carolina, a congressman who backs overhauling health care had his life threatened by a caller upset that he was not holding a public forum on the proposal.

    Democratic Rep. Brad Miller received the call Monday, one of hundreds the congressman's office has fielded demanding town-hall meetings on the health care proposal, said his spokeswoman, LuAnn Canipe. She said the callers were "trying to instigate town halls so they can show up and disrupt."

    "We had one of those kind of calls that escalated to what we considered a threat" on the congressman's life, Canipe said Friday. "These are some strong-arm tactics, and we are trying to deal with and trying to talk to people in good faith about health care reform."
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