Saturday, August 08, 2009

Get a brain morans

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This little diatribe may offend some. And if it does, I really don’t give a flyin’ fuck.

If you’re already offended by the foregoing, you may not want to read any further. And that’s fine with me.

The point is simple: there is the truth, and there are lies. There is information, and there is deliberate misinformation. There are facts, and there are distortions of reality.

And if you don’t know the difference between them, that’s a shame. But that doesn’t mean that the sane, intelligent, fact-seekers among us are responsible for your idiocy – its existence, its perpetration, its promotion, or its consequences.

If you are reading this on a computer, you have access to the truth. Use it. If you’re a computer dummy who doesn’t know how to search out real information, ask someone to assist you. It’s that simple – so stop being simple-minded and get with the program.

If you honestly believe that someone like Rush Limbaugh is a straight-shooter who wouldn’t lie to you, do some research into his background. Then ask yourself if a drug-addled bigot who makes his living riling up hate and discord might not have a financial agenda in roping-in gullible people like you and keeping them as part of his “audience share” – the numbers upon which his income is based.

The same goes for Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, and the rest of their ilk. These people aren’t stupid – they make their living by spewing complete and utter bullshit, knowing that people like you ARE too stupid to question it, no matter how incredibly ridiculous it is.

If you truly believe that Obama’s healthcare reform program includes talking your grandmother into being euthanized – or any of the other crap you’ve been hearing – you are an idiot, plain and simple. The facts about what is being proposed are out there, readily available. If you can’t be bothered to avail yourself of those facts, then shut the fuck up and allow those who can be bothered to inform themselves do the talking. We already have more than enough morons speaking out from a position of complete ignorance – you needn’t add to their numbers.

The facts about universal healthcare coverage in the countries that have it, along with information about how it operates and its benefits, are also available to anyone who has the mental capacity to read/listen and comprehend. If you don’t have that capacity, you have no place in the discussion.

If you sincerely accept that someone like Orly Taitz, who can’t put a sentence together without making a public fool of herself, knows what she’s talking about, you are as much of a fool as she is – maybe more so.

If you believe that Sarah Palin’s ramblings – along with her hypocrisy, her questionable ethics, her complete inability to speak coherently or advisedly on every subject from how government operates to foreign affairs – qualify her as a leader of this nation or any other, you are just plain delusional.

The greatest threat to this country right now is the stupidity of people like you. In today’s technological world, there is no excuse for not being well-informed by reliable sources – not the gibberish you swallow from alleged “news organizations” that fill your head with nonsense because you are too lazy, or just too dumb, to allow a fact into your brainless head.

We all have our opinion as to whether the interests of our nation are best served by Democrats or Republicans, progressives or conservatives, far-leftists, far-rightists, centrists – or any combination of the above.

But on the topic of who can contribute the most to the serving the best interests of all citizens, there is one truth that is, on its face, self-evident: those of you who live in self-imposed ignorance, or hold onto your stupidity as though it was something to be proud of, are completely, unequivocally, and undeniably useless.

Abject Stupidity – we may never wipe it out in our lifetime. But if people like YOU can’t be bothered to get a brain, morans, you can at least understand why the rest of us can’t be bothered to listen to a pointless word you say.

Are we elitists? You betcha! (Couldn’t resist translating that last comment into Palinese in an attempt to be understood by the intellectually impaired). We who seek out the real information behind proposed legislation and what it means are - you'll forgive me or not - bored to tears by those of you who can't conjure up the necessary energy to know what it is you're talking about BEFORE opening your big, fat, fuckin' mouths.

Debate the informed among us on the facts of an issue, and we’re all ears. We may not agree with you, but we are willing to engage in honest discussion.

But if all you are capable of is parroting the talking points spewed BY the ignorant FOR the ignorant, you will find that we who can actually THINK have better things to do than listen.

Got that? Good. It’s about time you finally got something.

It's a start.


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