Thursday, November 19, 2009

Piling on Palin

By Nance Greggs
Being the week of the official launch of Sarah Palin’s book, it is an opportune time to step back and analyze why this woman has attracted, although not unsurprisingly, the kind of scorn usually reserved for – well, for people who can’t put two coherent sentences together, but “write” books nonetheless.

Perhaps it is simply this: Sarah Palin personifies all that is wrong with a political system that allows for anyone so obviously incompetent to rise within its ranks, a political party so devoid of circumspection it would not merely allow such a person to come within a heartbeat of the presidency, but would actively support her pursuit of same, and a citizenry so bereft of insight so as to actually encourage and applaud her political aspirations.

The evidence is more than plentiful. Palin is as ill-informed as it is possible to be in today’s environment of easily-accessible information. She is an unethical hypocrite who lacks any empathy for her fellow citizens, who has often used her political clout as a means to destroy her perceived enemies and enrich herself financially, a woman who has no qualms about reducing her own children to mere props when it is politically expedient.

There is no doubt in this writer’s mind that Palin’s rise in popularity among the intellectually impaired was a natural follow-up to the G.W. Bush years, when the road to a form of political insanity was paved – a time when abject stupidity was passed off as down home charm, ignorance of world events was accepted as a sign of being just simple folk, and stubbornness and an incapacity to admit mistakes was lauded as strength of character and commitment to whatever the most recent poll results defined as
American ideals.
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