Friday, January 29, 2010

Supreme Hacks overturn Democracy

When Exxon is able to buy key Congressional seats that will determine
their profit margin, and do it without any adverse consequences, the
system that leans heavily toward the moneyed interests becomes that much
more powerful and the common man gets a shorter end of the equation.
Unfortunately, the great dumbing down has given Republicans enough
leverage with the electorate to have a large portion of the working
class support a party diametrically opposed to best interests of the
vast majority.
The Court's flawed decision will hasten the trip to corporate feudalism
and a permanent serf class beholden to the corporations that rig markets
and pay scales for the benefit of the wealthy elites. In essence a
fascist state based on feudal principles will be the result of this
convoluted decision unless a Constitutional Amendment is passed or
certain members of the Court are impeached and replaced with honest
brokers who will overturn this bizarre edict made by Justices who are
nothing more than corporate hacks in black robes.


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