Monday, February 08, 2010

Tea Party convention

When Freedomworks was paying these stump humping hill scroggins to show up at town hall forums held by our congressional representatives they showed up by the bus load, with Freedomworks footing the bus fare.
Now they hold a national convention where they have to fork over cash to hear a dim witted toilet seat model, the goddess of babble, blather mindlessly for an hour and 600 show up.
Of course Pox News will report 600,000 were there to celebrate freedom or some other abstract principle. Then the corporate media will follow Pox and report 60,000 attended because Pox provided them with cover.
How come I feel like sticking an ice pick in my head when hearing Palin's voice?
I know we should engage the lunatic fringe and try to get them to understand reason, but when they deliberately have their brains softened by the likes of Pox News and hate radio all day the task is above my pay grade. Being of an age that's beyond the hill top, talking to the aforementioned hill scroggins only serves to waste time and increase blood pressure.
But I do like asking them questions that cause consternation like: What should happen to President Obama if he said the Constitution was only a god damned piece of paper?


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